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The day Carlsberg turned red

Teams wearing red win more. Obviously.  This, the view of legendary Liverpool FC manager Bill Shankly when he swapped the team’s white shorts and socks for red ones. To celebrate probably the best team (in the world) going all red, and not to mention an amazing 26 season partnership with Carlsberg, what better than a brand new #allred beer. Scientists and Brewmasters at Carlsberg have created an exclusive #allred beer, even down to all red labelling and bottle to complete!   The exciting launch of the new beer took place at none other than the red men's finest ground, Anfield.. the LFC v Huddersfield game to be precise and our best Brand Ambassadors were on hand to grace fans with a taste of the new brew, take a look at our guys in action.  Leading man Dan, probably Pulse's best brander! Ladies in red: Jo, Alice and Issy! The limited edition 4.6% beer gets its distinctive red from a barley variety that is naturally red. This barley was

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