Global Scouse Day!

So today is a proper BOSS day- it's Global Scouse Day! Home to Pulse HQ, the list of amazing things to come from Liverpool  is endless, so we thought we would share with you just a few of our favourite Liverpool personalities.

Jodie Comer 

So if you haven't already heard of  Jodie where have you been hiding?!?! Well known for her role as villanelle in 'Killing Eve' , the super talented 25 year old is fresh on the acting scene, and definitely one to watch!

Leanne Campbell Power 

It's the infectious voice that the city of Liverpool wakes up to daily on our beloved station Radio City, the lovely Leanne- part of duo ' Leanne & Dave'. We are currently obsessed with her Podcast channel, 'Ladies of Liverpool' , a hilarious yet inspirational listen with something for all us ladies to relate to, be it jaw dropping, inspirational stories galore! Get listening by clicking on this link right here:


Scouse Bird

Well, if you are not onto Scouse Bird, then you sure need to be! The Liverpool influencer is now a well known local celeb, starting out back in the day when nobody knew who was behind the hysterical account filled with witty memes, quotes to relate to and more.  Now, mastermind Steph Bannister has made her fabulous face known and built an empire, including shops with Scouse memorabilia you need in your life!


Philip Armstrong

For those who may not already know, Philip & Tony are THE designers of Liverpool- not to mentioned near and dear friends of Pulse! Going way back, the loveable duo have over the years dressed many- from Coleen Rooney to Irene Bird! Check out their designs here:


Cilla Black

The late Liverpool legend is truly one not to be forgotten. Queen of Blind Date, she provided us with a lorra, lorra laughs and showed us what true cheesy dating was made of! 


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