We have been having a bit of a giggle in the office this week, when we started talking about who people have told us we look like, whether it be good, bad or indifferent! We are sure you have had one or two incidents when people feel the need to let you know you really remind them of someone famous-happens all the time right???:

Well here's ours below, some of us get it all the time and some of us have had it said to us by a stranger, either way to some of us its left a lasting here goes here are our look-a-likes:

Kat v Teenage girl out of Mrs Doubtfire movie

Jo v The lovely Cheryl Cole

Nat v Richard E Grant

Irene v Lucy Lui

Jane v Myleene

Diane v Katie Rogers-the resemblance is uncanny isnt it....
Whats Raising our Pulses this week....
Leftover Red Velvet Birthday cake from Cuthberts Bakehouse, Brownlow Hill, you have to try it, they do mini cupcakes in it-mmmmmmmmm heavenly!!


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