All we want for Christmas...

Its been a busy old year at Pulse HQ, so the Christmas break couldn't come soon enough for us all. 2012 has been a massively positive year throughout all the departments, so we got all reflective one cold winter afternoon and we were asked -
A) What one thing are you the most proud of in Pulse this year?
B) If money were no object what would you like from old St Nick?

Jo's answer:
A) How many great working staff/models we have recruited and how quickly they have become a part of our 'Pulse Family'
B) One weekend every month in Paris for a year, so that I can shop, drink coffee and see the Eiffel Tower in every season..

Diane's answer:
A) Proud of the growth in our hospitality and promotions division, we have met some great new people-(staff and clients) through our work this year and long may it continue!!
B) A personal trainer to drag me out of bed every morning for a super training session then I would have my hair stylist do my hair, my make up artist do my face and stylist dress me for the office-you listening Santa????

Kats answer-
A) How the kids department has excelled in the past 6 months, I will be really looking forward to what 2013 brings if this is anything to go by.
B) New Nikon Compact SLR Camera just cos

Natalies answer-
A) Proud of the strength of our internal team, it can only mean great things for the next year with lots of interesting assignments already in the pipeline
B) The elixir of eternal youth or for my boyfriend to allow me to pick pair of designer shoes off Net a Porter or Cricket every Monday to soften the blow that its the worst day of the week.

Jane's answer was-
A) Im proud of the new clients we have gained and maintained, its always a pleasure to get to know them and evolve with the different brands
B) A house in Liverpool, London and NYC to put my shiny new bowls in- that I just randomly bought for some reason.

Irene's answer-
A) I'm proud of everything that 2012 has brought and everything that is already secured for 2013. The team are a great asset, as are all our staff and our brand continues to grow.
B) World peace or I will settle for a good health for everyone that I know and am close to!!

Love Pulse x


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