Christmas Time... for one day only!

As many of you may know, Pulse’s Natalie is pregnant and ready to pop. Today is her last day and we are taking this opportunity to bid her a fond (and temporary!) farewell in the style of her favourite time of year... CHRISTMAS!!

Natalie's desk suddenly sprouted her very own Christmas forest and the "radio" began to play christmas music back to back!

Our poor postman recovered quickly when the door was answered by our very own elf.

With some good "healthy" food (pizza and mince pies!) and a showering of presents from colleagues near and far including a beautiful bracelet from Carlsberg thanking her for sooo much hard work over the last SEVEN years.

...we hope that she knows how much we all appreciate her and are going to miss her during her maternity leave.

What's raising our Pulses this week....

...the thought that Christmas is only 11 weeks away!!! Gasp!


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