Natalie's 10 Years At Pulse

So a special anniversary of mine has just passed, yes thats right I have been at Pulse for 10 years, a life sentence some may say but it definitely has flown by and I can honestly say I feel like I have blinked and now here I am still here :)

I started off as a dresser, dressing models backstage at fashion shows and within a few short months I was working full time in the office as Receptionist/Child Model Booker. Like most things its all about timing and being in the right place at the right time so my career here developed really fast managing one of the key accounts 3 months into my appointment and within 6 months of taking on that account, I produced probably the most high profile and challenging of all the events I have produced-talk about a baptism of fire! I look back on that now and feel proud that I even survived it. From that point on I was appointed Head of Events and Hospitality and the rest as they say is history.

I have seen the weird and the wonderful, the bizarre and beautiful and the down right bonkers but hand on my heart I have enjoyed it all. I have also had every hair colour you could even think of. The thing with events is you HAVE to enjoy it, as its such a demanding role and the responsibility is heavy, so the minute you don't enjoy it or its not fun anymore is the time to stop. I have given a lot to Pulse but it has given me so much more and my top clients are more like friends than business associates. The models, staff and my office colleagues are a huge part of that and without those interactions and relationships you really couldn't get through half of the things that you encounter.

For anyone getting into Events my advice is DO IT! At first you will feel completely out of your depth but each catastrophe is a lesson and one that will probably never happen again as you will be so traumatised from the first time it happened! hehe. Be prepared to sacrifice a lot of your time and have endless throbbing feet, and I can promise you regardless if you wear flats they still throb. I have been honoured to work with Vivenne Westwood, The UEFA Cup Final, Carlsberg, LFC and Arsenal FC and I have watched more football matches than most people so I feel very lucky. I have travelled far and wide with my job and the journey just continues. I have to extended a special thanks to all I have worked with but most notably my MD Irene who I have laughed until I have cried and in times of crisis she has always been there, I couldn't have had a better role model or friend throughout these 10 years. So here is to the next 10 years at Pulse!!


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