Event Exec Laura on her Journey to Pulse Agency

You might have ideas , but you can never quite prepare for that joyful (**depressing) period between graduating and landing a job you truly enjoy. It’s been 7 months now since I started at Pulse and after speaking with so many of our PR models who are currently in that very limbo, I thought I would use this blog post to share my journey to Pulse; how I eventually bagged a job I love and why (even though its hard) stressing about the unknown is truly the worst thing you can do. 

So there I was, a graduate. Three years of hard (ish) work done and dusted, degree certificate in hand and no plan.  After sending out countless applications to a number of companies related to my Media & Communications degree and hearing NOTHING, I knew this career malarkey wasn't going to be breezy. After a few months of unemployment, I eventually took a job at a local optometrists and began to write freelance in order to get my name out there and build on that word everyone dreads to hear, but one that companies will always use to measure you against someone else, experience. 

I had also completed two placements during second year of Uni thinking that they alone would stand me in good stead for landing a job immediately. It wasn't enough & although I was very rarely paid for any freelance articles I had published, doing this really did help me in building up contacts & my CV. 

Despite this the lack of response from prospective employers was wearing thin and it was starting to stress me out. My attitude towards applications, tone of writing and general effort was lacking and looking back, this was translating in my applications.

I gave it a few more months of hearing nothing back and then decided that this would likely be the only time in my life where I had:
  1. no commitments 
  2. no real worries 
  3. time 

So I did the standard thing twenty somethings’ do these days and jetted off to Australia. Of course at first it was all about loving life out there-almost like being a Fresher again but then I began to see how travelling could also be a real opportunity to build on my CV further. 

I took a part time job at a ladies-wear brand as an in store merchandiser - I had no experience in this FYI so don't ask me how that happened but I gave it a go and after a week or so began to find my stride. Eventually I did a few days in the brands head office merchandising samples during the time in which they were preparing for fashion week and thats when I began to fall in love with events. 

I was on the sidelines whilst the real preparation for this was happening but I observed absolutely everything that was going on and took note. It was hectic & stressful with people running around like headless chickens for the majority, but the buzz never went away. 

Up to that point Events hadn't really been a career I had considered, nor did I think I would thrive in, but there was a real excitement amongst the team and I knew immediately that I wanted to be a part of an environment like that full time. 

So, thats what I focused on. I continued to write freelance during my travels to keep up momentum and worked at any place I could to earn. When I arrived back in the UK 12 months later I then put my heart and soul into making my CV an events haven. Naturally the struggle became real again and I took a job in a local Uni as an Admin Assistant. I knew even though my job here wasn't exactly what I wanted in the long run, the Uni was constantly running events which I put myself forward to assist with often.  This was a good move, as not only was I gaining more and more experience in the events field, I was also showing my current employer my willingness to learn (a trait that guarantees you for a good reference;-)

Cue, Pulse Agency. 

I had heard about Pulse previous to landing the role here and was made up when I got an email inviting me to interview. I'd had my break, was armed with more experience and above all was clear on what I want to achieve. Jobs in this field are competitive, all jobs are these days which is a harsh reality, and after two interviews and a presentation, I eventually was offered the role of Events Exec and I haven't looked back since. 

The moment I stepped into Pulse HQ only to be rushed back out the door again to their Christmas VIP event for 5 days  (and being so tired my actual eyebrows dried out) I have loved every minute and cant wait to learn more & push myself further! 

So, the point of my blog is to tell anyone who is lacking motivation and feels stuck after graduating to keep your head up & find an opportunity in every situation you face. It may take a while, it will take focus and it takes patience but when you get there its worth it! 


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