They say it’s a man's world - Well not at Pulse

When I told everyone I was going to be working at Pulse, the majority of the comments were positive: ‘how exciting’, ‘so you’, ‘you get to look at beautiful looking people all day’, ‘it’ll be amazing to work in the creative industry’ etc. And I agreed with everything that they said, I couldn’t wait. At the same time, a few people made passing comments that played on my mind: ‘All woman, that’ll be a bitchy office’, ‘nothing will get done’, ‘all woman, that’s going to be one emotional place to work’, ‘all you’ll do is talk’. It played on my mind because up until Pulse, my working environment had either been male dominated or a fairly even split. On top of that, I was the first male member to join Pulse full time. It didn’t worry me massively, being the only male in the team but it was definitely at the back of my mind.

I can safely say that any worries I had dissipated pretty much after my first day at Pulse. Anyone who’s ever visited Pulse will know it’s the most friendly office around. If you’re thinking Devil Wears Prada with 10 inch stilettos and judging eyes at the photocopier, I'm afraid you’re wrong. The truth is, I’ve never worked with such a diverse team that gels so well together. It’s an extremely supportive environment but certainly no doll house and that is down to the Pulse HQ Team.

Nat and Laura (Our events team) are honestly the most organised and calm colleagues I’ve worked with. I’m almost one hundred percent sure, that if a tornado could rip through the Pulse office leaving nothing but four walls, Nat and Laura would be sat at their desks, cup of green tea in one hand and a full event plan in the other ready to go! On top of this, their one liners and razor sharp comebacks literally make my day!

‘Our Clare’ literally hides two other pairs of hands in her jumper. She juggles Pulse accounts, our LFC account and my constant questions about love, life, salt lamps and diet! She’s also a Mum of three and official wise owl to Jane and I. Never once have I seen Clare break a sweat, snap at anyone or pass blame. Clare handles everything with humour, a bag of jellies and gets the job done quietly and well.

Amy (model booker) Rodders is almost robotic in her methodical and conscientious approach to work. She’s wise, super intelligent and well read. There’s usually a daily debate about something I watched on Good Morning Britain at Pulse HQ and Amy is expert in putting across her point in a confident and non patronising way, there’s no ego with her intelligence. 

Rebecca is brand spanking new to Pulse and brings with her a fully established fashion and life style blog, she’s only been here a few weeks but already flooded Pulse with amazing ideas to make our social media game stellar! 

Jo has a knowledge of the modelling and fashion industry that is unreal. Never in my working life has someone been so willing to share their expertise and knowledge so freely and for the benefit of another person and the teams development. Jo isn’t interested in personal recognition and effortlessly manages to tackle business development with determination and resolve but with a class and calmness I’ve yet to see in previous sales teams.

I don't have a knife behind my back as I write this and it’ll get to the point of my personal staff appraisals soon, promise!

Next up on my hit list, is Jane, our Amazonian Business Manager! It was a bit of a weird one for me, coming to work with your best friend, who would also be my direct line manager.
I knew Jane was a ‘Strong Woman’ or ‘Strong Person’ because I’ve turned to her for pretty much every life disaster that everyone goes through in their 20’s and…. early 30’s, for her straight talking and loving advice!
I also knew what traits she had that would annoy me and what traits I had that would annoy her when working so close together! I can safely say, she hasn’t shown me any favouritism or went soft on me in my role at Pulse… and so she shouldn’t!
What I didn’t know was how much of a dynamo Jane is. She is literally the driving force behind Pulse and you either jump on board or move out the way! Jane is the pilot steering the Pulse Power House and is unshakable in her implementation of the Pulse Way and ensuring the highest standards are adhered to (I’m convinced she has super human hearing).
Her feedback and constructive criticism has definitely encouraged everyone at Pulse to perform better in their roles and she is unapologetic with this, as a leader should be. Jane is also the person we turn too for those difficult phone calls, she has definitely taken more than one for the team.

Lastly and certainly not least, is our Managing Director and Pulse founder, Irene. I can honestly say, that in my 18 years of working, I have never known a director command so much respect from their team without raising a voice, belittling someone or assuming superiority. Irene is so well respected because she is determined and works tirelessly to achieve her’s and Pulses’ goals. She treats every person she meets the same way, with kindness, respect and with that special Scouse warmth (always the first to put the kettle on). You can’t help but love Irene when you meet her and it’s because she is a wonderful person who works hard to achieve her goals and to take the people around her, with her. Irene is a director you want to work hard for. No fear, no vanity. Just dedication and a strong moral compass.

Drive, fierceness, determination, fairness, assuredness, poise, organisation and stability. These are all the qualities I want in the people I work with, male or female and pretty much the opposite to what some people told me to expect going to work in an all female office. It may be the case that my work colleagues are different to this when they are outside of work, at home or on a night out. The point I'm trying to make, is that their jobs require them to utilise certain skills and act a certain way, so they do!

As I’m sure you can guess, I’m down with an all female office and disagree with the warnings  I was given (cue Spice Girls, Wannabe on repeat at Pulse HQ). I’m happy in my Pulse Bubble but you can’t help but notice the current climate around our industry

… But that’s another Ant Blog x


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