A Day in the Life of a Child Model...

We thought some of you might like an insight into a typical day for a child model on a job, so here it is...

It usually starts with a cheeky early morning as every child likes to surprise their parents in the morning!  Then just enough time to have a good breakfast full of energy to keep me going through my busy day, before leaving home at 7:30am for the car journey to the Studio.

With a call time of 9am, it’s very important to arrive well in advance of this so that my Dad, who is chaperoning me today, can check that I look clean and my hair is neat. This also means there is plenty of time to find the reception area and check in with the Casting Director.  

We are taken to the dressing room where a Hair and Make-up Artist is waiting ready to get me ready for the shoot and, as I’m the first one here, I get straight into the chair :)

When my hair and make up is finished, a Stylist and the Stylist Assistant show me which outfit they need me to wear first. There are lots of outfits, some of them I already tried on at the casting last week! My Dad helps me to get changed, then while we wait to be called by the Photographer, the Art Director tells me about the fist part of the shoot and some of the fun things they need me to do.

After a short wait the Photographer is ready for me. We go to meet him and my Dad waits to one side (I think this is so he can make me laugh and behave but he’s never had to say anything to me yet!) :D

I jump and laugh and smile for a while before they change my outfit and then we do it all again! About half way through the day (it’s a long shoot this time!) I take my lunch break but when my Dad and I finish, I get a bit bored and the lovely Digital Assistant lets me play with the image she is editing! They really do look after you here.

I change outfits a few times for the photographer when the Producer says she is happy with all the work we have done so I go back to the dressing room to get changed into my own clothes and say goodbye to the other children working on the shoot. I can’t wait to see my picture on their website!


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