Pulse Hospitality by Irene Bird

“A warm welcome, a great smile and a service that leaves your clients immersed in comfort.”

So what makes Pulse Hospitality Teams stand out from the crowd? 

The power of exceptional hospitality should never be under estimated. The hospitality crew member is the human marketing tool. They are an opportunity to bring the brand to life whilst offering an experience. They are part of the event or the day that will remain in the memories of people long after the experience has finished. It should always appear effortless this is what makes guests and clients feel safe and secure “immersed in comfort” without consciously feeling it. The guests should only have to be enjoy the experience and have a great time. Thats what we do so well at Pulse, “Create memories!” You cant put a price on that!!!!

The individuals that make up the team are crucial. They are a combination of so many things, friendly,warm people who have an energy and an ability to put people at ease and add to the whole hospitality experience. As well as being friendly, fun and professional they are stunning in appearance too.They are the ones that end up on social media accounts across the world as guests want a reminder to take away and show their friends and colleagues. Whenever we get feedback from guests and clients the Pulse Hospitality team always feature highly.

So what does it take to be one of the elite hospitality crew?

It is not just about being a pretty face! You should love meeting people and the challenge of getting to know lots of people from varying backgrounds whether it is a competition winner, a CEO from a blue chip company or an A list celebrity. All guests on Pulse hospitality are treated to the same premium hospitality all guests are treated as VIPs.

High standards of professionalism are essential, good stamina and the ability to keep a smile on your face even after a twelve hour day. Appearance is a top priority, you should be immaculate. Sincerity is a real advantage as insincerity is easily detected. 

You should never be overwhelmed or favour anyone with celebrity status, anyone asking for autographs or photographs will be dismissed. Many hospitality events have celebrities in attendance. Integrity is crucial. You must be committed and reliable. 

Looking after guests and clients is what you are there for so be prepared to be asked for the most random questions, never lie and always answer even if you need to go away and find out the information. Ensure that guests know their boundaries and never put yourself in an uncomfortable, vulnerable position. Guests will get drunk, sometimes rowdy be prepared but never compromise your position or your professionalism.Always remain polite and courteous. Above all else you should be full of FUN. Have a good time you are there to do a job but it can be fun and challenging and can often be just as memorable for you.

The good Stuff

Its great knowing you are part of a great team with a fantastic reputation in the industry. Great friendships have been formed within the Pulse teams. 
Toni Cunningham met India Lea several years ago as part of the Pulse hospitality team and Toni will be India’s bridesmaid on her wedding day next year.

Meeting amazing people. I can think of so many amazing people I have met personally over the years of delivering hospitality. From the “Grandad” who was an avid cricket fan I met at Headingly, he had watched cricket all of his life but for the first time ever at 76 years old had experienced cricket with VIP hospitality. He was completely overwhelmed by the whole experience.

The Malawii group who experienced Carlsberg Hospitality at Anfield. Looked after by Natalie and her Pulse team. They had never left their country. They had hand carved a coffee table to deliver personally to Steven Gerrard. Dressed from head to toe in red. What an amazing group to look after and what amazing memories created through excellent hospitality. 

Then there was the legend that is Samuel L Jackson. Ensuring he had an amazing time and leaving him with the memory of Anfield, excellent hospitality and the dulcet tones of You’ll Never Walk Alone that will make sure that LFC is his chosen team.

So there will be people out there who will think this job is a nightmare but there will be others who will think the role of a Pulse hospitality team member is amazing. 
We would love to hear from you. If you are interested but not experienced we would still love to hear from you as long as you have all the personality attributes and you are hard working.

Pulse continue to grow in this field and that is ultimately thanks to our amazing hospitality management team and clients. We salute you both to the team for there continuing hard work and commitment and to our faithful clients that give us the opportunity. 

I have great pleasure and a real sense of pride to see our teams in action and to receive such high praise and recommendations on a regular basis.


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