Boodles Classique

Our latest event saw us heading to The Mere Golf Resort and Spa for the annual Boodles Classique (for those who don't know - it's a tennis tournament featuring high profile retired tennis players!)
The fashion partner for the event was Fenn Wright Manson who have just relaunched the label. They were showcasing their A/W 2014/2015 courtesy of our gorgeous Pulse models.

We arrived in stunning weather and couldn't believe our luck when we saw the view from our base for the day!

The models were straight into hair and make up - no time to waste !! The fantastic team from Cassie Lomas Make Up School were on hand ensuring the models looked amazing. The client wanted the models hair and make up to be uniform so they set to work.....

Our models had been fitted and styled by the wonderful Lorraine McCulloch the previous day so it was straight into their first look.
The event was slightly different from our usual runway work as there was no runway!! The models were placed on raised podiums to ensure maximum presence at the event. So our first location - at the guest entrance saw the models posing in almost still life form - no easy task but our models were as professional as always and their smile didn't waiver for a second ( even when the dreaded rain started to pour down !) Here is Rachel with her mega watt smile brightening up the now very rainy day!

The rain - however didn't stop (fashion) play ...excuse the pun - couldn't resist! We rushed the models back to change - ready for their court walk ( and no that is not a spelling mistake - it's a very clever play on words changing catwalk to court walk!)

The models strutted their stuff on centre court to a great reception from the guests before heading back for another quick change.

We had a great 3 days at the Classique , working alongside fantastic brands and people - and we look forward to next year - maybe better weather next time!

What's raising our Pulse's this week........

In the spirit of tennis - Andy Murray winning the Wimbledon Final - hip hip hooray!!


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